Committing to long term, vehicle dependent travel requires many things. The biggest of these is the inspiration that comes from the stories, experiences, photos and information shared by other travellers who have committed to and who succeeded at this lifestyle. The list included here is a mix of our personal favourite overland blogs, as well as some of the most established vehicle dependant travellers. They all inspire us and we would like to thank them all for helping us along our way to becoming full time overlanders!

1. LandCruising Adventure


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Best for: Longevity of travel, Inspiration, Experience, Stories and Photos.

It would be impossible to write a list of overlanders and not to include Karin-Marijke, Coen and their iconic Toyota Land Cruiser BJ45. They have been living on the road full time since 2003, traveling through Asia and South America. They travel incredibly slowly, making sure to properly experience a place and its culture before moving on. Their website is incredible, their stories fascinating and their photos stunning. The lifestyle that they have built for themselves is a constant inspiration to us and reminds us that we can make it happen for ourselves.

2. Chris Scott

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Best For: Writing the book on Overlanding

There are few people who can claim the authority and knowledge base that Chris Scott does in the field. Author of many books on the subject, most importantly, the Overlanders’ Handbook and Sahara Overland. His expertise is sought by film crews, travel companies and governments. If you are thinking about any kind of vehicle dependant expedition, his books are your first (and last) stop.

3. Drive Nacho Drive

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Best for: Vehicle, Stories

It may be quite visible that the design of ‘nacho’ the vanagon was a little bit of inspiration when designing and building our own VW, however, the inspiration that Drive Nacho Drive has had over us extends beyond that! We can get lost in stories on their site for hours and it is one of only a handful of blogs that we can never wait for the next installment of!

4. Life Remotely

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Best for: Useful information, Digital Nomads

There are very few websites in the overland community that come close to that of life remotely. The depth of the information that they take the time to share is staggering and a constant help, whether planning or undertaking an overland trip. With tons of info on campsites, trip cost, fuel prices and internet connectivity, their website is the ultimate tool for a digital nomad/overland planning to visit south america.

5. Vagabond Adventures


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Best for: Creative Income, Ethical Travel, Helping Local Communities.

It is of little surprise that we are huge fans of Lucie, Lachlan and Bow-wow. Anyone who travels the world, in a land rover with an adopted stray dog, is likely to be my kind of person. It is, however, the creative and ethical business that they set up on their travels which makes them so unique. “help through trade, not aid”, is the core value and they set up trade networks with local people making traditional goods, to be sent back to the UK, and sold through their other website; the Vagabond Van.

6. Emil y Liliana Schmid


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Best for: Length of Trip, Holding the Record.

To me, Emil and Liliana are the godfathers of overlanding, even holding the Guinness world record for the longest overland trip. They have driven in/too 165 countries in their Toyota (another record) and have been on the road since 1997. They are a constant source of inspiration and prove that overlanding can be a life, not just a trip. They also inspire us to aim for the record of the most travelled Hound.

7. Tim Slessor


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Best for: Pioneering, Writing, Being the First. 

Every overlander today owes a debt of gratitude to Tim and the team for trailblazing vehicle dependant travel as an idea in itself. First Overland: London to Singapore by Landrover in 1955. Never done before. No GPS, no satellite phone. No blogs or forums to read, or advice of what perils may lay ahead. They inspire us to push forth into the unknown.

8. Aussie Overlanders

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Best for: Creative Vehicle Design, Website Design

With a beautiful and contemporary website, stunning images, great stories and one of the few vehicles in the world that I would consider swapping my Syncro for, it’s easy to see why Aussie Overlanders demanded a spot on our list! Driving from Sydney to London via Africa we stayed glued to their blog for its relaxed style and inspirational stories.

9. Turtle Expedition

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 15.42.22

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Best For: Length of Travel, High End Vehicles, Russia

On the road since 1972 and with 5 unique and class-leading vehicles, Gary and Monika Wescott are another couple who inspire us to try our hardest to make overland travel our way of life. They have driven across Russia from the Pacific to the Atlantic, have been published in 15 languages and between them, have seen most of the globe. The list of sponsors they have secured is testament to their achievements and status as cornerstones in the overlanding community.

10. Norberts Adventure


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Best for: Africa Information, Route Guides, Pictures. 

Last, but by no means least are Norberts adventures, the stories of an adventurous couple in their old 40 series Land Cruiser as they navigate the African continent. Their website has enough information to serve as the only guide book to Africa that an overlander would ever need. They have been the main source of inspiration and a major source of information in the planning of our own London – Cape Town trip, commencing November 2015.

To all of the fellow travelers included in this list, we at Follow The Hound would like to say a massive thank you for taking the time to share the stories, photographs and information that you do. We hope to see all of you on the road some day. Until then, happy and safe travels.

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