Travelling is a brilliant, transforming and above all, fun experience. You don’t need much to have a great time and you nearly always want to be experiencing as much of the sights, sounds and smells of your new surroundings.  There are, however, also times, especially when Overlanding, that music changes your frame of mind and makes a great experience even better. Here are a few that we couldn’t leave the house without

Credence Clearwater Revival

Nothing beats Listening to this song, in a land rover, with the windows down, flying down dirt tracks or over sand dunes. It makes me feel like action man and I love it.

CCR’s Hippy values and great rock music make them the perfect travelling companions. Have you ever seen a bunch of people so happy and content as Creedence are when they are playing:

Eddie Vedder

Its hard to beat the ‘into the wild’ soundtrack for when you venture from the beaten track, the whole album is an absolute necessity to any trip.


This song pretty much speaks for itself as a travel anthem. As well as his classic songs, listening to his stories is a great way to pass times on some of the longer, more monotonous drives. Im especially a big fan of his “Ride This Train” Concept album, although it all just makes me want to do a great american Road trip; Kerouac in one hand, Cash, Kristofferson, Nelson and Jennings on the headphones.

Lynyrd Skynyrd

If I had £1 for every time I’ve blasted Skynyrd from my land rover on a dirt track or desert highway, I could just about pay for my next trip. Its pretty hard to pick one of their songs to show why they are a great band to travel to, id love to have posted one of their lesser known songs here (The Ballad Of Curtis Lowe or All I Can do is Write About it), but it had to be this.

The Travelling Wilbury’s

The epitome of a feel good song to travel too. It’s All right…

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

They have a back-catalogue of road trip songs that any band would struggle to beat, but for all kinds of travel, these two are near perfection, not to mention bloody cool songs.

Don McLean

I have known all of the lyrics to this song since I was about 7 years old and I am pretty sure i will not forget them until i forget everything. I have a particularly fond memory of this song specifically as i was driving into the Moroccan desert, but it is one that I will listen to in just about every country I will ever visit. it is also my favourite song of all time.

Canned Heat

The start of the trip, wave goodbye to the family, drive away from home, bitter sweet feeling. hit the motorway, put this on, you instantly remember why you are going.


Brilliant band, brilliant song, speaks for itself.

They are the main bands that I would pick if that was all i could have, but i could go on adding for a long time. Bruce Springstein, Bob Dylan, The Eagles, Dire Straits and a few others would follow closely.

Let us know what songs you cannot travel without.

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