Ok, so Hillary exaggerated the amount of “deplorables” who are in Trump’s basket, but we cannot deny, that there are a lot in said basket who are truly deplorable people.

We, and by “we” I mean the Mexicans who started worrying the minute Donald Trump descended the escalator, to what would be an even lower bar of decency. To declare to an incredulous audience, amid racist statements, that he will be running for president. Right then, while we were naturally worried that his words were a harbinger of troubling times, we were also pretty confident that this kind of rhetoric would get any traction with the majority of the American people. But we also worried that given the right combination of elements, they could bamboozle enough morons, to actually be willing to vote for another, even worse clown for president. If it happened before, it could happen again. But it could not happen with this crazy, self admitted misogynist, “birther” clown, right? Wrong!


I want to be clear that by “the deplorables”, I’m am not referring to people that supported him, or even the people that work for him. People like Kelly Ann Conway, who has the staggering mission of making Trump seem, somewhat sane to those of us, who are not in the circle of devoted and seemingly fanatical “Trumpers”. Kelly Ann gets paid, for what I’m guessing is the near impossible job of having to talk-up Trump, I can almost feel bad that she has that shit job, so I can say she almost gets a pass.

By the “deplorables”, I am referring mainly to the racist, divisive groups that have clung to Trump’s pointed tail, like he is the messiah who will deliver them the America of the fifties, they so long for. That America, where as long as you were white, you could say or do anything you wanted to anybody, as long as they weren’t white. The KKK, Neo-Nazi groups, frustrated Confederates, and other xenophobic groups that have been emboldened by Trump’s rhetoric. They have come out of the racist woodwork, to spread a vision of the return to that America that all decent people in the country have tried to forget, let alone go back to it.


I don’t include in said basket, people who are not happy with the economy and just want change at all cost. Unable to think through the ugly scenarios that could come with the wrong form of change. Nor people who have legitimate concerns about the loyalty of the “established government”, or the ones that feel they’ve been abandoned for years by both parties and want a deep cleaning of the establishment’s carpet, and “drain the swamp”. Everyone should know they will only be replaced by a bunch of yes men, and emotionally incompetent assholes, like that jerk Lewandowsky . I’m bothered by the people, who lack the curiosity to fact check, and who’s lack of objective thinking somehow, in spite of every indication that the Teflon Clown would be catastrophic in the White House, still voted for him. Another group that gets a pass, are the ones that suffer from led poisoning retardation, or the ones that did not get their order of gray matter in the mail, who believe that Trump is a God sent. Because, if he is been sent by God, he could be one the four horsemen, along with Putin and two more to be determined. Be careful what you pray for, you might just get it.

I don’t even include the Republican politicians, who, out of cowardice or political calculation, have decided to stay in his camp no matter what. They have a biased motivation to do so, and I almost can´t blame them. Some of them have left, only after the constant drip-drip of allegations, scandals, and nonsense became an ocean, and they finally jumped off Trump’s ship, when it looked like it was heading straight for the iceberg, an iceberg that somehow melted into an ice-cube the night of the election, perhaps global warming had something to do with it.


“I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists. So I don’t know. I don’t know — did he endorse me, or what’s going on? Because I know nothing about David Duke; I know nothing about white supremacists”.         – Donald Trump

Besides your newly elected dictator, for the truly deplorable individuals I mean people like, Arizona ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio, who repeatedly disregarded court orders to stop profiling Latinos on his arrests, and to stop his bigoted treatment of immigrant detainees. He is so adamant about his beliefs, that he’s willing to face jail time, rather than change his racist conduct. He was just voted out of his job, so I would not doubt that he is lobbying for a place at Trump’s racist table.

Rudy Giuliani ,who used and continues to defend, the proven unconstitutional practice of “stop & frisk”, to clean New York. Totally unaffected by the fact that this practice was directed mainly at Puerto Ricans and blacks, and perhaps, now and then, one or two hippie looking whites.

Maine governor Paul Richard LePage, who grew up with seventeen siblings in an abusive home and has made it a goal to get even with blacks and Mexicans for it.

David Duke a white nationalist, politician, anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier, and former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, of course one of his most deplorable fans.

Steve Bannon This Man was called the “Most Dangerous Political Operative in America”.

He runs the new vast right-wing conspiracy, and has made it his life mission to spread his hateful rhetoric to any white nationalist who would listen. This white supremacist and anti-Semite is now been appointed to be the White House Chief Strategist, good luck with all that!

Roger Ailes the founder and former Chairman and CEO of Fox News and the Fox Television Stations Group, from which he resigned in July 2016 over sexual harassment allegations, and he is perhaps one of the deplorables to whom I hold mostly responsible for all the divisions we see in America today.

The other radio dumbass, Alex Jones, when asked in a recent interview for Esquire, if he thought global warming was a hoax, he said Yes, anthropogenic global warming has been proven to be based on fraudulent research. It’s a giant tax scheme”. He also admitted to Esquire, that he believes, the U.S. government is responsible for the AIDS epidemic. “We know that weaponized auto-immune diseases have been developed under Navy and Army programs that match in many of their characteristics HIV. So I think there’s a lot of evidence that the providence of the HIV virus is very suspicious”. He asserts that tower # 7 was a controlled demolition, and that 911 is the ultimate inside job. He believes Reagan met aliens, and that the Royal family are reptilians, and who knows what else I’m missing. The dilemma is not whether he is an idiot or not, he is, the problem is that he is an idiot with a microphone, and with an audience of gullible people, that eat every bit of misinformation and bullshit that comes out of his obviously overfed mouth.


But the real insidious character to me, is Bill O’Reilly from Fox News, host of the not surprising to me self centered title “The O’Reilly Factor”. The problem with him, is that he’s not terribly smart, but he thinks he is, which is definitely the most dangerous kind of idiot there is, but even worse, and this is the part that really worries me, somehow, as mentally challenged as he is, he still has the most influential microphone on the most successful show on Fox News, the network that Jon Stewart refers to as, “Bullshit Mountain”. This is why I believe this guy is one of the most treacherous and insidious of the right wing propaganda machine. From his platform on “Bullshit Mountain”, he promotes his vicious and divisive brand of bullshit. And, and by relentlessly broadcasting that “background noise”, that the Mexicans are sending their worse, and that the democrats want to use your living room to house some Islamic terrorists, and other forms of unsubstantiated nonsense, all aimed to desensitize and hypnotize their audience into thinking that that best way to survive is to cut the continental U.S. off with a saw, and turn it into an island. The Island Of The United States Of America.

More and more people, tune-in to Bullshit Mountain, and people like O’Reilly are planting seeds of fear and division in a public that is too lazy, too stupid, or too deeply rooted in righteous denial, to pause and see a more “balanced and unbiased” network, as Fox News ironically claims to be. A particularly good day for me was, when I came to the paradoxical realization that I would get my insight from Comedy Central, and my comedy from Fox News.

If you haven’t heard from any of the jewels of humanity that I just mentioned, Google them, or look for them on You Tube, they’re great! Each with their own exceptional brand of hatred and vile. If anything look them up, just to get familiar with the core elements of Trump’s Reich… I mean cabinet.

My fear is that those seeds they are all planting, will bear nothing but bitter fruit. Only days after the election, we are seeing a surge of racist and hateful reactions and acts being committed by the more deplorable branch of Trump supporters. They’ve all come out of their muddy water holes like crocodiles, that up until now had to hide under the surface with nothing but their resentful eyes sticking out, but now it’s a new day, they can emerge the sound of the Trumpets (pun intended), to once again spew their hateful rhetoric to any moron with bad grades, who heard from his uncle that “all spics are rapists and drug dealers”. So the next day he goes to school and racially abuses his Latin peers. A logical conclusion of that hateful rhetoric, that trickles all the way from the very top now of the American government, turning that moron with the bad grades into an entitled racist prick in the making. They rejoice since now political correctness has taken a back seat, and finally, their entitlement has been restored by a TV clown.

Winning at least the popular vote gives hope that there’s still a majority, albeit small, but a majority nonetheless of Americans who have a better sense of reality, and they are the ones that voted for Hillary, some even grudgingly, just to try to keep Trump from winning. Hillary, who some say she was not that great of an option either, and has shown a bit of a two faced approach to politics, (like that is not a requirement for today’s politics), but I’m convinced that whatever shifty maneuvers we can blame her for, or rumors that she consorts with Lucifer on her spare time, she was still quantifiably better, than the cantaloupe with hair that we’ve ended up with. So in spite of what the “Electoral College” has to say, they’re not the majority, not even the majority among the ones that voted for him, although they try to justify and spin it, they don’t agree with all of Trump’s demented rhetoric.

And to all the ones, that voted for him in a clamor for the kind of change that only Trump can bring “no matter what”. Let me remind you again, that nuclear Armageddon is definitely a form of “change”.

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