I met some new friends online a few months ago through an online forum
for Pan-American Travellers. They were going to be in Todos Santos,
Baja California Sur for the month of November and kindly offered up a
spot in their house for me to come stay!

The two British couples were driving Toyota Landcruisers across the
states and down to Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina. I had started my own
Pan American trip about a week ago and was in Baja Norte. After I got
into Baja Sur I sent them a message that I was planning on being in
Todos that night. I got some sketchy directions and made my way to
“the dirt road, with an un-numbered white house”, 10 minutes North of
the Centro. Right.

I eventually made it and was greeted by Reece his wonderful girlfriend
Nancy, Ross (Reece’s cousin) and his amazing girlfriend Dee, their dog
Frank and the two overland beasts of vehicles.

We have been together a few days, with me crashing on the couch,
sharing meals and experiences. They are so open and honest, loving and
positive. They opened up their house to me as a stranger. I think we
are becoming fast friends and that shows how connected as humans we
all are, regardless of what country we are from.

However, there are some cultural differences between our former
Landlords and the Americans. Here are 5 things about hanging with
Brits that no one will tell you:

1.) Any American, regardless of where you are from in the country,
should be an expert on their countries foreign policy, and have
intimate knowledge of every shortcoming of their own nation in regards
to the rest of the world.

Brexit, Mosul, large-scale beef farming – you name it, you better know
your shit, they’re quizzing you. (Try and avoid the gun-control topic,
or if you want to see them lose their shit- mildly resist the idea of
massive gun-control reform laws…especially after a few pints)

2.) They would make any Californian proud with how much they love burritos.
We have had multiple, in-depth conversations about how wonderful
rolling a tortilla around rice, beans, avocado, pico-de-gallo and
anything else you want is. They get it.

3.) “Wanna get a drink tonight?” doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone.
They’ve been drinking longer, harder and with more efficiency than
anyone, and the kicker is that they can completely maintain a healthy
and productive lifestyle. Hit the booze hard on Saturday night and
design web applications Sunday morning, with a cup of tea. You’re
warned, they’re professionals.

4.) They know more hilarious slang that I’ve ever heard before.
“Buggered, proper, chav, cheeky, mate, bollocks, and of course –
wanker.” I’ve been beside myself laughing this whole time. Its beyond

5.) They will absolutely rip into you about something they are
passionate about (even if you agree with them), tear you down to your
core, and happily buy you beers until its time for bed and they tuck
you in.

They are by far some of the most caring, and loveable people you will
ever meet. They will open their doors to a stranger, and you’ll be
made to feel like a member of their family in just days.

Special thanks Reece, Nancy, Ross, Dee and Frank for being so open, so
kind, and so badass. I know we will be seeing a lot more of each other
on this journey. So stoked to share it with you.

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