Global Adventurer | Web Designer | Dog Walker.

Ross is one of the cofounders of the Travellers Post, he is currently on a two year Pan-Americas overland trip, Living with his girlfriend and stray hound from a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Check out his adventures at;
Or view his writing for the Travellers Post at;

Reece Rheinbach

Reece Rheinbach

Social Media | Inaccessible Places Expert

Reece is a warrior without a plan. A musician without a penny. A writer without a purpose. A traveller without a destination. A lover without a stopwatch.
He thinks of the words he writes as little pieces of his soul that he puts to paper as gifts to his readers.
Or, y’know, he is a guy who travels a lot enjoys writing a bit in his spare time. Some have said he is not terrible at it. Others disagree.
Read Reece’s Writing for the Travellers Post Here;

Nancy Baker

Nancy Baker

VP of Listicles

Nancy is a world traveller, travel writer and registered nurse from the United Kingdom.  She is currently in Mexico, slowly making her way from the USA to Tierra Del Fuego on an epic two-year overland journey.

Take a look at the words she writes at:



Russian Teacher | Traveller | Cambridge Graduate

“Glen yearns for a life on the road, but for now he is based in London where he teaches English to Russians. He takes any and every opportunity to get away, no matter how short, and particularly enjoys writing about his experiences for our Weekends Away section”

View his writing for the Travellers Post at;

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