Writers Pick: The 10 best Himalayan treks in Nepal

Nepal- A country shrouded in mystery, ancient culture and natural beauty. This tiny nation holds a stunning location in the midst of the Himalayas mountain range and is home to eight out of ten of the world's tallest mountains....

Travel life hack: 12 Ways to make money while travelling

We don't want to tell you to start saving, to move back in with you parents, to sell your car. We don't want to give you tips on how to save money, where to buy cheap flights or recommend you save money by couchsurfing. If you...

America’s demonization of Mexico: An overland traveller’s perspective

I have spent the last ten months travelling through both the USA and Mexico. I have covered over 4,500 miles in Mexico over four months. As such, I have a unique perspective on both America's fear of Mexico, and of the actual...

Inaccessible Places

Inaccessible Places

Weekends Away

Weekends Away

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Ross’ Stories – Two – My Hometown

I’m Ross, long-term traveller, digital nomad and borderline alcoholic. Over my years of worldwide adventure travel I have collected a large set of stories. The content of each varies wildly, from hilarity to destitution, from kindness to fear and from mishap to...

Overlander Follow the Hound’s Top 10 Driving Experiences

Having driven many miles in many countries we thought it time to look back and put down a list of our top experiences . 1 - Albania's Unpredictability If you are planning to visit Albania, it is a land of driving extremes....

Music You Can’t Travel Without.

Travelling is a brilliant, transforming and above all, fun experience. You don't need much to have a great time and you nearly always want to be experiencing as much of the sights, sounds and smells of your new...

Ways to Keep Sane (When Not Travelling)

The more you travel, the more it gets under your skin. You only have to live on the road for a while, to realise it is just about the only way you could see yourself living. At least, that is what happened with me. Now my...

15 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Vilnius.

1. Uzupis Republic "The other side of the river" Republic, is the quirky, artisan area of the city. Originally one of the worst districts, it has been taken over by artists, poets and cat-lovers, to become its own, mock...

10 overland travellers that will inspire you to hit the road

Committing to long term, vehicle dependent travel requires many things. The biggest of these is the inspiration that comes from the stories, experiences, photos and information shared by other travellers who have committed...

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