Featured Travel Video Of The Week:

FEATURED TRAVEL VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Christian Grewe “Colombia/ Slow Motion/ Travel”

For this week's travel video of the week, we have selected; COLOMBIA/ SLOW MOTION/ TRAVEL by the talented travel videographer Christian Grewe. This video is a beautiful, artistic portrayal of the 'real' Colombia. Grewe has used poignant imagery and sound to depict the...
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Featured Travel Video Of The Week: Tyler Fairbank “SAFARI | South Africa”

For this week's Travel Video Of The Week, we have selected "SAFARI | South Africa" by the outstandingly talented travel videographer Tyler Fairbank. This short travel film is set in South Africa and shows a quest to spot the "Big Five"; lion, elephant, buffalo,...
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Featured Travel Video Of The Week: Hasta Alaska “USA Here We Come”

For this week's travel video of the week, we have selected "USA Here We Come" by Hasta Alaska. 'Hasta Alaska' comprises of a group of people making their way up the pan-American highway from Chile to Alaska in their Volkswagen bus. This video contains footage from...
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Inaccessible Places

The Most inaccessible places in the world: Oymyakon – The coldest town on earth

The coldest town on earth. Those words are easily dismissed until one actually considers their meaning: This frigid place holds lowest recorded temperature for any permanently inhabited location in the world. People actually choose make their homes and eke out a...
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The most inaccessible places on earth: Point Nemo, oceanic pole

Point Nemo. For me, this evocative name conjures images of nautical adversity, sea monsters, galleon ships, the Captain in Jules Verne’s ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea’ and of submarining and the age of oceanic exploration. The word “Nemo” is Latin, meaning...
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The World’s most inaccessible places: Spotlight on the Skeleton Coast

Namibia’s Bushmen tribes know this place as “the land God made in anger.” The Skeleton Coast was first seen through western eyes by Portuguese explorers in the 15th century. The men were so shocked by the desolate conditions that they dubbed it “The Gates of Hell” The...
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Weekends Away

Bozouls – A French Town Perched on a precipice

This is a land shaped by violent geological activity. Volcanoes, glaciers, raging torrents, and crashing waves have all participated in sculpting this canyon. And yet it sits precisely in the middle of southern France. Trou de Bozouls, “the hole of Bozouls”, is a...
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Writers Pick: The 10 best Himalayan treks in Nepal

Nepal- A country shrouded in mystery, ancient culture and natural beauty. This tiny nation holds a stunning location in the midst of the Himalayas mountain range and is home to eight out of ten of the world's tallest mountains. It is no wonder that Nepal is a haven...
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Weekends Away – Porto: A Portuguese gem on the Atlantic

When planning a visit to Portugal, a typical holidaymaker might consider a visit to the capital city of Lisbon or the sunny resorts of the Algarve. Portugal's second largest city - Porto - has not yet been targeted as a major tourist destination, despite boasting a...
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